31 Mar 2007

Angela Aki Sakurairo

5th single released on March 7, 2007

Official Website

single from Play-Asia.com


Digital Artist Hong Kuang

Born 1980 Beijing, China (alias noah-kh, noah). After graduating from university Kuang Hong came in contact with digital arts in 2001. Most works are concept arts for various games, and illustrations for magazines and publications, recent appearences being in ImagineFX magazine, EXOTIQUE2, Kikan-S etc.

Hong Kuang Website
Hong Kuang myspace album

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30 Mar 2007

Wallpaper of the Week

from tu.tom.com

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Pic of the Week

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One of the most successful adult manga ever, with over 29 million copies sold. Berserk is a dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura. The setting for the series was inspired by medieval Europe, with the story centering around the life of Guts, an orphaned mercenary warrior, and his relationship to Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk.

The Series premiered in Japan in 1988, it was translated and released in US in 2003 and made it's first appearance in Europe in 1996.

An 25 episode anime series first aired in 1997, the story taken largely intact, though some characters, and the most violent or brutal scenes, were modified or removed.

Berserk Official Site
List of Manga episodes on Wikipedia
List of Anime episodes on Wikipedia


27 Mar 2007

Anime Figures for Sale

More from the labyrinthine passages of ebay

Images top to bottom

A-15 Arael-XX, Neon Genesis Evangelion Sold $26 (9 bids)
G-taste Yuki In Pearl Dress statue Sold $105 (13 bids)
Eureka Seven 1/6 PVC Figure Unsold
#9 individual, Tecmo Anime 4.5" Action Figures Sold $15.50 (11 bids)
Gun x Sword Fasalina, Trading Figure Sold $20.50 (11bids)


1/4 scale Rocker Biker Girl Figure

Rocker Biker Girl, is based on artwork by the late Martin Emond*. It is the largest statue ever produced by Electric Tiki, standing shy of 19" tall (1/4 scale). The figure modeller Schu was fortunate to be able to meet and work with Martin Emond to complete this amazing piece. Hand painted and reproduced in high quality polystone.

*Emond gained notoriety for his over the top illustrations in the 1992 comic book series White Trash, written by Gordon Rennie. He also drew for UK comic 2000 AD, D.C. comics’ Lobo mini-series and illustrated album covers for heavy metaller Glenn Danzig.

Images from Electric Tiki and Slideshow Collectibles

Martin Emond Official Website

Available from Amazon

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24 Mar 2007

Lord Ashram

Lord Ashram is a character from the Record of Lodoss War franchise*

Lord Ashram is the former retainer, and right-hand aide to Emperor Beld. Serving as a general during the war of heroes, he is sent to the frontline to deal with any possible resistance.

After the death of Emperor Beld, Ashram takes up his blade "Soul Crusher" and returns to Marmo to regroup. Later on, Ashram seeks to dominate Lodoss, rather than conquer it, he searches for one of the governor's treasures, "the Scepter of Domination".

After the destruction of the scepter, Ashram is believed to have died in the fires of fire dragon mountain, but it is later revealed that one of the agents of Wagnard sacrifices his powers in order to save his life.

*Record of Lodoss War is a fictional franchise of fantasy novels, first released in 1988, by Ryo Mizuno. The novels were based around work Ryo originally created for a role-playing game system entitled Forsela. Since first publication there have been multiple manga, anime and computer game adaptations, several of which have been translated into English.

Record of Lodoss War on wikipedia

Fansite animearchive
Lord Ashram shrine


22 Mar 2007

NInja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a video game to be released for the PlayStation 3, a remake of Ninja Gaiden Black, which was originally released on the Xbox, with many upgrades including new stages and weapons, a major upgrade to graphics and 'direction'. Some FMV's have been replaced with in-game graphics cutscenes (even making some playable), and Rachel will be a playable character, with her own unique storyline as a side story to Ryu's and her own set of attacks and weaponry.

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21 Mar 2007

Digital Artist Steven Stahlberg

Internationally acknowledged as a world class digital artist, recently being appointed a Maya Master. Born in Australia, Steven Stahlberg, worked for 10 years as a freelancing illustrator, most of that in Hong Kong, before concentrating his talents on computer graphics for clients such as Digital Anvil, Electronic Arts and Disney. He has also held seminars for Alias and Disney.

Steven has won many awards, including 8 CG Choice, Animago, Arts Electronica, 3D Festival and Comgraph. His art has been featured in and on the covers of dozens of books and he has provided the artwork for games such as Need for Speed Underground and Tabula Rasa.

Steven Stahlberg Official Website


18 Mar 2007

Utada Hikaru Flavor of Life

"Flavor Of Life" was released on February 28, 2007. The single is Hikaru's first drama tie-in since SAKURA drops. "Flavor Of Life - Ballad Version-" was featured as the insert song for the second season of the popular Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango.

Utada Hikaru aka Hikki, has been hailed as one of the most successful pop singers in Japanese music history. She has sold an estimated 35,000,000 records in Japan as of the end of 2006, making her the 9th most successful musical act ever in Japan.

Japanese Toshiba site
Chinese Emi Site
US Universal Records

Flavor of life from Playasia


Rei Ayanami Wallpaper

Rei Ayanami (aka the first child)is a character from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the films Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. Pilot of Unit 00. According to NERV's Technical Director Ritsuko Akagi, Rei's personal records and background information have all been erased, which further clouds her enigmatic existence.

She is a social recluse, rarely interacting with anyone. Living by herself in a drab, dingy, under furnished apartment in Tokyo-3, her origins and heritage are left deliberately unspecified, and there is evidence that she might not even be entirely human.

she is absolutely obedient and completely devoted to her job as an Evangelion pilot

Like many of Evangelion's characters, Ayanami's surname comes from a Japanese WWII naval vessel, the Fubuki class destroyer Ayanami.

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17 Mar 2007

Dominion Tank Police Opening

Dominion: Tank Police is a manga series written and drawn by Masamune Shirow ("Dominion" and "Dominion: Conflict"). Masumune Shirow has also produced a sequel to the original series, entitled Dominion Conflict One: No More Noise.

The Manga was later adapted into two OVA series: Dominion Tank Police (4 episodes) and New Dominion Tank Police (6 episodes).

Set in the fictional city of Newport, Japan, in a future in which bacterial air pollution has become so severe that people must wear gas masks when outdoors, the series follows a police squadron that uses tanks.

vid upped by kerotido
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Wallpaper of the Week

from Anime Wallpapers

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pic of the week

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16 Mar 2007

Witch Hunter Robin Opening

Witch Hunter Robin is a Japanese anime series created by Sunrise. It follows the exploits of the Japanese branch of SOLOMON, a global organisation that fights the harmful use of witchcraft.

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12 Mar 2007

Range Murata

Renji "Range" Murata is a Japanese artist and designer, known for his unique style combining Art Deco and Japanese anime elements. His work is immediately recognizable by his characters exquisite clothing and soft emotional expressions. He is also known for his conceptual design work on anime series like Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6.

Range Murata Bio and more artwork on Long Range Bullet

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9 Mar 2007

Wallpaper of the Week

From Adamast.ru

pic of the week

from www.16pic.cn

What are Dojinshi?

Dojinshi (doujinshi, doujin) are self-published Japanese works, usually manga or novels, often the work of amateurs.

Avid fans of dōjinshi attend regular dōjinshi conventions, the largest of which is called Comiket (short for "Comic Market") held in the summer and winter in Tokyo's Big Sight. Here, over 20 acres of dōjinshi are bought, sold, and traded by attendees.

A major part of dōjinshi content contains sexually explicit material, due to both the large demand for such publications and absence of restrictions official publishing houses have to follow. Indeed, often the main point of a given dōjinshi is to present an explicit version of a popular show's characters.

More information on Wikipedia
sample cover from doujin moe


Talho Yuki Cosplay

A character from anime Eureka Seven, Talho Yūki is the head pilot of the Gekko, She initially worked in the Information Bureau, but was demoted as an officer and later became a spy.

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Tsukasa Jun

Tsukasa Jun is a Japanese artist best known for his Tsukasa Bullet* publication. Having begun drawing game characters for a doujinshi* circle called Kacchu Musume, he started coming up with his own characters for cover illustrations.

Tsukasa's favorite characters to draw in these volumes seem to be those from the Street Fighter and Resident Evil/Biohazard series. Notably the majority of his doujinshi contains a healthy amount of adult content.

*Tsukasa Bullet: focuses on several of Tsukasa's original characters, specifically his female ninja. It includes color illustrations, line art, and photographs of garage kits based on Tsukasa's characters.

*Doujinshi: are self published japanese manga or novels.

Tsukasa Jun Website

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Kotobukiya Figures