21 Dec 2011

Lecca "Right Direction" MV Full Video

5minute version above

Lecca "Right Direction" 3 minute version below

Apologies but it appears Wat have blocked the embed code, so I've included the 3 min version at the bottom til I find the full 5min version elsewhere or Wat unblock the vid.

Lecca レッカ  is a Japanese reggae singer-songwriter, debuting in 2005 with her album "Rekka". 

Though fans won't be disappointed with the "B" side offerings notably "Hinkou Housei", her latest single, "Right Direction" is a brave and laudable step away from her reggae origins. 

The single is taken from her sixth  album "Step One" due for release on January 25th 2012.

Though billed as a Jpop release, the production steps between both Jpop and R&B, but it's Lecca's unique vocals which shine through the track marking a unique offering from a talented songstress.  But don't take my word for it take a listen.

Track listing

1. Right Direction
2. Hinkou Housei
3. Aniki

Lecca Official Website

Available on Playasia.com
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