2 Feb 2012

Rin Tosaka 遠坂 凛 PVC 1/7th scale figure Fate/Stay Night

Rin Tōsaka 遠坂 凛 Toshaka Rin is one of the three heroines from the Fate/Stay Night franchise, heir to the Tohsaka family of mages, she fights in the Grail War, with her servant Archer. This GoodSmile figure is based on her portrayal in  the 2010 movie "Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works"

The base of the figure, the dramatic pose and flowing hair were inspired by a key scene from film where Rin is holding her pendant (see art image above). The figure comes with replaceable hands that allow you to choose between the pendant or her Azoth sword and jewels.

Unlimited Blade Works Film Website Japanese
Rin Tosaka Wallpaper

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