25 Jan 2013

18 Jan 2013

Buddha Wallpaper of the Week

Buddha Wallpaper

As found on a tumblr tag search, origin Zenplicity

Pic of the Week Kyoung hwan Kim

Kyoung hwan Kim Art Illustration
A piece called "take breath" from the insanely talented Kyoung hwan Kim aka "tahra", a South Korean concept atist and illustrator.  See more of his work on his....

Official Website
DeviantArt Portfolio

11 Jan 2013

Zhang Xiaobai pic of the Week

"The Forbidden Truth of the Iro" from Chinese artist Zhang Xiaobai
Not her first appearance on this blog see aslo  earlier Pic of the week post.

Artist's Official Blog

Black Star Wallpaper of the Week

Gotten myself hooked on tumblr of late, and while their search by tag feature can place puppy dogs alongside pron, it's still fascinating what can be found.  Take this "Black Star" wallpaper as found on the tumblr "Wallpaper" tag

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