7 Feb 2007

Angelic Layer Theme Music Atsuko Enomoto

Battle Doll Angelic Layer is a 26-episode anime series titled based on a popular Japanese Manga. Angelic Layer is related to the series Chobits, and like it, deals with the relationship between humans, human-created devices, toys, and godlike power. Atsuko Enomoto, the seiyu* for Misaki, also sang the opening theme song.

*Seiyu: is a Japanese voice actor. Seiyū work in radio, television and movies, perform voice-overs for non-Japanese movies, provide narration, and work as anime and video game character actors. Japan currently produces 70% of the animated series in the world, as a result seiyū are able to achieve fame on a national level and maintain full time careers performing voice overs.

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