1 Feb 2012

Game Character Wallpaper Sephiroth セフィロス FFVII





Whilst I eagerly await the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, I've been thinking back on my experiences with the Final Fantasy series, and one character oddly sprung to mind, as if a reason for posting some Final Fantasy wallpaper was needed.

セフィロス Sephiroth, first appeared as the main antagonist in RPG Final Fantasy VII (1997), his existence the result of an experiment by the mega-corporation Shinra, in which they manipulated cells from the alien lifeform "Jenova".  After discovering his origins, Sephiroth decides to become a god and take control of the planet. 

Sephiroth demanded every ounce of attention during the game, as his appearance generally culminated in widespread carnage and devastation.  With Plantinum hair, black leather jacket and insanely long  masamune sword, perhaps one of the coolest baddies on the gaming planet.

In the Final Fantasy universe  Sephiroth has appeared as a  main character in the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (a Prequel to Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII) as well as cameo appearances in:

action game  Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (prequel to FFVII)
cgi film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
the OVA Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

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