26 Aug 2006

Kasumi White Monsieur Bome Figure from Kaiyodo

Standing 22cm tall, prepainted pvc figure Kasumi a character from Dead or Alive Game series by Tecmo, also known as "the Kunoichi of Destiny".

Kasumi is a female ninja skilled in the Mugen Tenshin Style of Ninjutsu. She was to become the 18th Master of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, but ran away in order to enter the "Dead or Alive" tournament. There, she hoped to defeat the one responsible for crippling her brother. But, by leaving the secretive ninja clan, she became a nukenin (runaway shinobi), so every day she must live on the run from her former comrades. This figure depicts the fiery Kasumi in her signature stance, complete with her wakizashi blade on her back.

Kasumi Cosplay
Kasumi Wallpaper
Closing FMV from DOA3

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