25 May 2012

Wallpaper of the Week "Green"


As found on the WWW, sorry no attribution found, but too good to let slip.

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Pic of the Week Maciej Kuciara

Maciej Kuciara is a freelance concept artist based in California, USA. He has produced concepts for critically acclaimed PC, XBOX and PS3 projects including Painkiller:BoH, Crysis and Crysis 2. and upcoming game "Last of Us". In addition to the video games industry, Maciej's work has also includes concept artwork done for film, commercials and publishing.

Low res image here only, please Visit his tumblr, website and CGhub pages for his artwork in all it's glory.

Official Website

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18 May 2012

Wallpaper of the Week "Amazon" by Eve Ventrue


Freelance German Digital artist, whose focus is on cutting edge sci-fi/fantasy, including steampunk, space opera and paranormal romance genres. Amazingly "Amazon" is a quickly rendered photoshop brush test for future work.

See more on her:
Official Website

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Pic of the Week Hyung-tae Kim Blade & Soul

Korean artist behind the character designs for video games such as the Magna Carta series and later installments of the War of Genesis series. Currently working as Art Director on an mmorpg called Blade & Soul, a fantasy martial arts game in development by Korean game developer NCsoft.

Blade & Soul Official Game Website
Official Hyung-tae Kim Site Under Construction
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11 May 2012

Wallpaper of the Week Kal Online

Kal Online Geme Wallpaper

from Kal Online, a Korean mmorpg by Inixsoft.

Official Website

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Pic of the Week Amy Sol

Lover's Loch Acylic on wood panel 2011

Soft, masterful, muted palette, enchanting subject, signature style from self taught Korean Artist Amy Sol. Lover's Loch available as a print from her Website and Blog.

Follow her on Tumblr
or Twitter

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10 May 2012

"Running Up That Hill" Last Exile, Anime Fan Video

Music Artist: Within Temptation

Song: "Running up that hill" written by Kate Bush

Not the first time I've been struck by a "Last Exile" fan video, and probably not the last. This worthy piece was arranged by "Listen2thedark"

Last Exile is a Japanese animated television series created by Gonzo.  Set on the world of Prester, where people use aerial vehicles known as vanships as a means of transportation. Concept art for the series was created by Range Murata.

Last Exile Wallpaper
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4 May 2012

Pic of the Week by "Sasha" aka "aleksandra"

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Photography by "Sasha" aka "aleksandra"

see full Portfolio on 35photo.ru

Wallpaper of the Week Minjae Lee

Self taught Korean artist with highly distinctive mosaic style, the image above created with marker pen.
Visit his website for more stunning images or view his deviantart page for more wallpaper, or indeed visit both.

Minjae Lee Official Website
DevianArt Page

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Kotobukiya Figures