1 Oct 2006

Nana Anime Opening

NANA Anime Opening by fan2nanaosaki Two young women, both with the name Nana, one with a punk backround (Nana Osaki) and the other (Nana Komatsu) with a naive upper middle class mindset, find each other in Tokyo as they pursue love and careers. Nana, a Japanese manga created by Ai Yazawa has been adapted into an anime, and 2 Japanese movies, the first released in 2005. There is a "Nana" game released on the PS2 produced by Konami and released on 17 March 2005. A PSP game, Nana : Subeta wa Daimaou no Omichibiki was released on 6 July 2006.

Nana Osaki Cosplay
Nana Osaki Wallpaper

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