14 Aug 2006

Nana Osaki Cosplay

Character from hit Anime series, Manga and Movie, Nana. Two young women, both with the name Nana, one with a punk backround (Nana Osaki) and the other (Nana Komatsu) with a naive upper middle class mindset, find each other in Tokyo as they pursue love and careers.

top to bottom:
(1-3)Cosplay from Nana-Nana net
(4) Hinata

thanks to Kawaii Princess Poine for these, and be sure to check out her own extraordinary personal blog *Touched by Bittersweetness

(5-6) Cosplay from wangyou

The following are all Japanese sites i'm afraid, unless of course you've got a fansite in English you'd like me to add

Hinata & Kaori (nana duo) cosplayer images
Official Nana website
Official Movie fansite
Tv station VAP website
Madhouse website
NTV website
Nana Osaki Wallpaper (2)
Nana Anime Opening Credits

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Kawaii Princess Poine said...

Can you submit cosplay from the characters you have? Like, you have a Nana Osaki page here, could I submit other photos of cosplayers that did this character?

The Elderly said...

you most certainly can Poine, up them on photobucket or flickr and post a link in the comments, I'll add them to the post and provide a link to your blog

speaking of which, your playlist is extraordinary..



Kawaii Princess Poine said...

The credit should also go to the cosplayers. They are Kaori and Hinata from Taiwan. Kaori is a Nana Komatsu(Hachi) cosplayer and Hinata is a Nana Oosaki cosplayer. I'll just post some of the ones with them together and the rest just Nana O. since this is a Nana O. page. Let me know if you want the Hachi ones.


This is Hinata's Wretch photo album of more cosplay..

And another Nana O. cosplayer posted on a Nana fansite forum.

Thanks, by the way. Glad you like my playlist.. :D Next time you visit my page, leave a message on the c-box.. ^^;

The Elderly said...

thank you Poine, i've added a separate post for the duo, they look so well together... would love to get a link to the Haichi images,

you might try upping the link to Hinata's wretch album again, so i can give full credit

Glad you found "Rain" it sounds so good... Just spotted a link on your webpage to rendered beauty, im honoured, working on a reciprocal now link.. see sidebar...hope the image is okay or should i use your profile image?

Kawaii Princess Poine said...

Argh, Hinata is actually known as Hinata Death, xD Anyway.. blog entry of thanks created :) Down to all the link and all that..

Hinata Death's Wretch Album:

Kaori's Wretch Album:

Nana in 707 Original Forum Post:
(don't really need to post this, since the pictures are scattered around Kaori and H.D's Wretch, the link to this isn't needed for credit. It's just a "Just in case".) :)

The Elderly said...

links added, thanks Poine for all your help with this,

Hinata Death is a pretty stark handle, she not only looks but sounds the part. Amazing how their faces perfectly match my understanding of the personalities of the characters, Hinata looks street wise and Kaori has that innocent naive look...

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