6 Nov 2006

"Kiss Me Good-bye" Angela Aki (FFXii)

Born September 1977 in Shikoku, Japan, Angela has a unique background of being raised both in Japan and US. In Japan she releases a CD entitled "ONE", which ironically became the #1 record on the annual indie pops chart for the year 2005.

With her move to Epic Records Japan, she releases her first single 'Home' in September of 2005, followed by her second single 'Kokoro-no Senshi' in January of this year (2006). Her latest single (third single on Epic) 'Kiss Me Good-Bye' is the featured song from "Final Fantasy XII"

Angela Aki on Tofu Records (English)

Anglea Aki Official Website (Japanese)

Kiss Me Good-Bye (Final Fantasy XII add-in track) [CD+DVD Limited Edition] Available from Play-Asia.com

Kokoro no Senshi (Final Fantasy XII Theme Song) [CD+DVD Limited Edition], Kokoro no Senshi is Angela Aki's second single release and at the same time the Theme Song performed in Square-Enix's PlayStation2 RPG hit Final Fantasy XII. This single also contains a bonus track "Eyes on Me", which was also the main theme song in Final Fantasy VIII (previously performed by the Chinese artist Faye Wong). The Bonus DVD contains footage from Final Fantasy XII and the music video to "Kokoro no Senshi" Available from Play-Asia.com


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