30 Jun 2007

Lineage Dark Elf Cosplay

from 1713.com

Lineage is a Korean MMORPG series. Dark elves were once members of the light elves that were banished for practicing dark magic. They have opposing qualities and traits: light elves use white magic and are quick and agile, but lack offensive strength. Dark elves practice dark magic, have high offensive capabilities due to superior mental and physical strength, and are nearly as agile as the light elves. However, dark elves suffer from weak defensive abilities, and are more prone to being stunned.

As with every class (except Dwarves), the dark elves are separated into two classes: fighter and mystic, opening several avenues of play style. They notably wear fetish clothing-inspired outfits and reverr Shilen, the goddess of Death.


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Anonymous said...

How did u make that skin collor? und where did u get these Dark Elven Ears? I would like to do an Dark ELf CoSplay, so it would be nice if u could tell me :)

kiwi :)

Anonymous said...

DAMN!!! very nice! ;)

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