25 Jul 2007

Shenhua 1/8th scale figure from Max Factory

1/8th scale pre-painted PVC figure from Max Factory, at a rather hefty price!

Shenhua is a character from Anime series Black Lagoon, a Taiwanese assassin in the employ of Mr. Chang. She prefers to use various edged weapons in close combat, in particular a pair of kukri knives linked together with a length of leather rope at the handles. She is also skilled in the use of throwing knives. Shenhua is a professional rival of Revy, whom she has worked with and against at times. Her personal religion is Taoism. One of her most notable traits is her broken speech pattern, which is always moving between Chinese and English.

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KP_Poine said...

Oh! The silhouette is pretty accurate to the picture you have there.. not so sure about everything else tho'.. haha ^^;

replied on my tagboard :)

The Elderly said...

lol.. point taken princess!

(heads off to tagboard)


KP_Poine said...

re-replied >3<

The Elderly said...

(leaves jacket on.. heads back to Princess's castle....)


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