6 Jun 2007

"Ikki Tousen" Ryomou Shimei PVC Statue from UART

Shimei Ryomou is a character from the Anime series "Ikki Tousen" a 13 episode anime series loosely based on the manga by Yuji Shiozaki. The series features a large female cast, with notable ecchi content.

Shimei is one of the Nanyo High School's "Big Four." She is an expert using the "joint-technique" when she fights. She has an absolute confidence in her ability as a fighter but changes her personality to a that of a sadist whenever she fights. She always wears an eye patch on her left eye.

Shimei 1:7 scale PVC statue measures 6-inches tall and comes in a colorful window box from Hong Kong based figure manufacturers UART (The United Arts of Real Toys)

A video game for Ikki Tousen is being developed on the Sony Playstation 2 with release date in Japan summer 2007

Available from Amazon.com

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The Download Munkey said...

Ok, now this shouldn't be here. Hey Elderly, some high res renders of ladies from the Des Blood VR game over here. Click on the left sidebar.

Hope you like them and oh, you can delete this comment after this.

The Elderly said...

oh my god.... they're lusc......

(jaw drops.....forgets to remove link... )

these are two good to go unnoticed..

thank you for elevating my evening.....

KP_Poine said...

Did you ever watch Ikki Tousen? I just started Watching Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny yesterday. God.. there's so much fan service D= But
a lot of action and characters so I mind not. ;x

The Elderly said...

Indeed Poine it is well noted for it's fan service, but i've avoided it so far.. though it is on a much investigate list somewhere... underneath an must have music album list... which itself is buried beneath a must play game list...

...so little time so much to downloa... watch...

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