20 Jan 2007

Lei Fang Wallpaper

Character from DOA, Lei Fang has a strong dedication to self-improvement, both mentally and physically. Hoping to hone her own skills in DOA, she eventually wants to help others to do the same. At the same time, her age and general inexperience with the world around her can sometimes cause her to not fully think things through.

Somewhat arrogant, she doesn't hesitate to mock an opponent after a victory in battle. A common combo starter is the Renkan-Sho-Kind, which hits 3 times in succession, and depending on the terrain height and launch duration, can hit up to 6 times in succession.

Her kicks, similar to Gen Fu, are also excellent combo starters (such as Senren-Kyaku) and have an excellent execution and recovery time frame. Due to her varying attack string levels, she can be very difficult to counter against.

Her Chinese name, 麗鳳, means "beautiful phoenix" which is a common name for Chinese girls in Shanghai.

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