1 Nov 2006

Carmen 99 Garage Kit from Cerberus Project

1/6th scale Garage Kit Carmen 99 is a character from the Anime Series Gun X Sword Real name Carol Mendosa. A mysterious and self-sufficient intelligence agent/mercenary who Van encounters in episode 2. Her weapon of choice is a yo-yo with four spinning blades.

Gun X Sword is set on the 'Planet Of Endless Illusion'; a place where rogues of all sorts gather. The world itself has one moon orbiting it, and has a general technical level of modern Earth, with a few exceptions, such as humanoid combat suits called 'Armors'. The overall culture has a 'wild west' feel to it, with general lawlessness in the more rural areas and large expanses of wilderness.

Official Gun X Sword Website (Japanese)
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J said...

Being able to work a Yo-Yo with no hands is a rare talent.

The Elderly said...

(looks up at ceiling.....) all done by mirrors im told.... ahem...

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