18 Aug 2006

Final Fight Poison Figure from Reflect

Pre-painted 1/7th scale figure from Reflect (reflect site says 1/6th), Poison is a character from the game Final Fight.

Growing up an orphan in Los Angeles, Poison became a street thug for the original Mad Gear gang. In the original Final Fight, Poison and Roxy, along with other minor Mad Gear members constantly attempted to stop the forward progress of the three heroes Haggar, Cody and Guy. These attempts failed and the entire Mad Gear gang was eventually defeated.

Poison is one of the most controversial characters in Final Fight. Originally the character was planned as a female. Capcom of Japan received a phone call from a Capcom USA rep opposing violence against women, so the developers changed them into newhalfs (or futanari in Japanese).

When Capcom USA translated the game, they were unaware of this, and replaced Poison and Roxy with male versions. Because of this, there is still debate among fans about their true gender (despite the fact that Capcom has officially declared in manuals and sourcebooks that she is in fact a newhalf).

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