30 Mar 2007

Wallpaper of the Week

from tu.tom.com

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Nikolas said...

Could swore I have seen this somewhere...
Must be something similar.
Anyway, a grate wallpaper.

The Elderly said...

no doubt you have, the forums on tu.tom are awash with adaptations and old content.... stunning it is though..

Anonymous said...

That is the work of a woman on Deviantart.com goes by BlueBlack.

The watermark has been blacked out here, it would normally read Natalie Shaw on the lower right hand corner.

The Elderly said...

thanks anon, its a stunning piece... ive searched deviantart for natalie shaw, all i've got is the actress images... i'd be chuffed if you could throw a link up, and i'll give credit... thank you for heads up

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