11 Jun 2007

Eureka Seven Music

The music of Eureka Seven is available on three different compilations composed by Naoki Sato and a variety of other artists who composed insert songs used in the series. The third soundtrack, "Complete Best", includes the full-length versions of the opening and ending themes for both the series and game, as well as the insert song for the final episode.

Video opening Theme "Days" by Flow

Eureka Seven Merchandise on Play-Asia.com

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J said...

I can't never get me enough 70's funk. And it being Japanese - shoot! Even better!

*starts doing the electric slide and singing the word 'desu' over and over. The only word J knows in Japanese*

An ex Power Ranger voices the main character in the English language version of this series. Who knew!

The Elderly said...

power ranger.....interesting tidbit..

love my 70's funk too.. teddy prendergast... (puts on slidy shoes...) my japanese is coming on... now i've got three words...


and thanks to you


you would pick a controversial one....

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