11 Sep 2007

Kabuki David Mack Wallpaper

Kabuki is a comic book series by artist and writer David Mack, first published in 1994. The series concerns the struggle of an assassin belonging to a special, government-backed circle of masked and costumed female enforcers called the Noh.

Kabuki: Circle of Blood (collects Kabuki: Fear the Reaper and Circle of Blood 1-6)
Kabuki: Dreams (collects Kabuki Color Special, Kabuki: Dreams of the Dead, Kabuki #1/2, and The Ghost Play)
Kabuki: Masks of Noh (collects Masks of the Noh 1-4)
Kabuki: Skin Deep (collects Kabuki: Skin Deep 1-3)
Kabuki: Metamorphosis (collects Kabuki 1-9)
Kabuki: Scarab (collects Kabuki: Scarab 1-8)
Kabuki: The Alchemy (limited series - 8-9 issues)

David Mack Website



gnome said...

Absolutely fantastic!

The Elderly said...

i had the same feeling when I saw them.. I'm an instant david mack fan....

gnome said...

Let's start a cult!

The Elderly said...

a david mack cult.... wonder what the uniform would look like.. im still itching after the Segatta sanshiro wig....

Anonymous said...

These wallpapers were created for Wallpaper Junkie, and can also be found at the Kabuki Fanlisting.

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