16 Aug 2006

Chun Li Wallpaper

A character created for Capcom’s Street Fighter series. Born in China on March 1st 1968 Chun-Li (beautiful spring) has been training since she was five years old. Generally considered to be the first female fighting character in videogames, she first got interested in the martial arts when she became a fan of Bruce Lee. Chun-Li's style was originally listed as Wushu style Kung Fu, but recently Capcom decided to call it Tai Chi instead.

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If you've got your own Chun Li wallpaper post a link in the comments and i'll add it with full acknowledgement.

Chun li resin figure from Yamato



kai19 said...

I really love chun-li since i was a kid.. i love her moves and abilities tough yet graceful, masculine yet sexy. In all fighting games right now she is still the best female fighter. Her looks are being copied by other fighter. Wherever you go and ask people about if they know chun-li from street fighter they will said yes. See how she grows? she is more popular than any of the female character in the computer industry.

Anonymous said...

execpt lara croft

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