4 Oct 2006

Princess Waltz "Iris" Garage Kit from Cerberus Project

1/6th scale garage kit by Cerberus Project, Iris is a character from erogame Princess Waltz published by pulltop

Bishōjo games are largely a Japanese phenomenon; they are uncommon in the American and European video game industries. They form a sizeable fraction of the Japanese market, with the most popular having sold over a million copies, and they make up the majority of offline PC games in Japan. Nevertheless, because of real or perceived cultural differences, few Japanese titles have been translated and no major mass-market release has yet been attempted outside East Asia. In the West, therefore, bishōjo games remain one of the least known of the major video game genres.

Bishōjo games are often also referred to as ren'ai games, dating sims, eroge, and visual novels.

Garage kit out of stock!!



DEITRIX said...

hehe clothes... then all of a sudden no clothes..!

The Elderly said...

it got very warm in here...... ahem..... actually a growing amount of garage kits and pre-painted figures have "clothing options"

spotted one recently that had "squishable" assets....

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