19 May 2007

Ugetsu Hakua Fantasy Artist "Flamboyant"

Images from Doujinshi "Flamboyant" by artist Ugetsu Hakua. A Japanese artist best known as the conceptual character designer for Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel). He publishes doujinshi under the doujin circle name Yellow Tag. Flamboyant is his first solo illustrations book, representing his work for the "Burst Angel" Anime series.

Yellow Tag Website
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J said...

*plays the gentleman and offers the young lady a cardigan*

The Elderly said...

I kinda liked the tomato sauce spillage effect... ruined now of course.. (elderly offers to wash cardigan.....)

KP_Poine said...

Oh! I have this artbook!! It rocks.. I love Ugetsu Hakua :) Does his art not rock? Nope. :P

The Elderly said...

(performs an air guitar opening riff.....)

It most certainly rocks Poine

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