15 Sep 2011

Yamato "Akira" Dorian Cleavenger PVC Figure

Inspired by the work of artist Dorian Cleavenger and sculpted by Plant-jzero Moekichi, Akira was the 1st piece in Yamato's Fantasy Figure Gallery series. Standing at 10 1/2-inch tall (15-inches with ornamental staff and display base), Akira is constructed of more than 100 individual pieces and features over 400 paint applications. Indeed the crafting is so delicate that her enigmatic smile has been likened to a modern-day Mona Lisa.

From the artist's website:
"Akira" model: Karin Taylor
She has seen the worlds that died, she has heard the stars that cried, she has watched the suns collide, she is Akira, the eyes of the sky.

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