2 Oct 2006

Magna Carta The Phantom of Avalanche

PC prequel to the Ps2 hit "Tears of Blood", 2001 saw the release of The Phantom of Avalanche in South Korea by developers Softmax. The Phantom of Avalanche is commonly cited by manga fans for its detailed artwork. Though not officially localized outside of South Korea, numerous fan translations have been promised for the game, to date no translations have been completed.

Phantom of Avalanche Official English Website

Reith Avatars and Buddy Icons



DEITRIX said...

Love the style and mood of that bottom one..! Awesome!!

The Elderly said...

i've played tears of blood, but never knew about the earlier game.. the art is simply stunning....

when can we begin to see this sort of treatment in game graphics..... theres been a drought of late.... can you imagine that style in an Oblvion type game.... ?

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