27 Jan 2012

Pic of the Week Another Anonymous

Why do I fall for images that have no detail as to the artist or to it's origin?  Any hints on origin or artist would be most welcome, thank you!

Update! :) Anonymous no longer!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!

a great big thanks to the eagle eyed fojxl :)

The captivating piece of Artwork is from Zhang Xiaobai an illustrator based in Beijing, China and a graduate of Xubeihong Art College
Her Facebook page
Portfolio on IndiesArt page

Referenced from Jordan Sowunmi on Trend Hunter where you'll find more detail on  Zhang Xiaobai and  more of her stunning work.  Trend Hunter.com another one of those websites you'll want to instantly bookmark.

Thanks again fojxl! much appreciated

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Wallpaper of the Week kazasou


from contributor Kazasou on Randomness Thing.

There are times you find a site and instantly bookmark it, instinctively knowing it's a winner. 

There are times when, if your a blogger, you find a site that is so good, it makes you wonder why you still bother. 

Randomness Thing is one of those sites.

.....Just promise  you'll still visit me occassionally :(
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25 Jan 2012

Kenshin Himura 緋村 剣心 Fan Video OVA MV HD

"Kenshin Himura AMV ~ Human" from myst1q88 on youtube

Himura Kenshin 緋村 剣心, is the principal character from the Rurouni Kenshin Franchise. The *Ova "Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal" from which this excellent fanvideo is inspired, serves as a prequel to the anime television series.

Song: "Human" form South African Band Civil Twilight

*What does Ova Mean?

See also:
Due August 2012  Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie Trailer on Beauty Re-rendered

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23 Jan 2012

Fantasy Artist Arthur Rackham

1867 – 1939 Born London, England, an influential and successful English book illustrator.  His work brought to life characters in stories such as Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle, Grimms Fairy Tales and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
Bio and principal work on Wikipedia

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20 Jan 2012

Wallpaper of the Week dunker8

Low res image only, which dosen't do it justice, but  Full Size 1920x1200  Customised Windows Logo is available for download on dunker8 page on Deviantart.com

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Pic of the Week Chan Kwok Hung

"Buffalo Race" West Sumatra, taken by Chan Kwok Hung

From a Travel Photo Competition run by the  Burrard Lucas Blog, Low Res Image only, full details and more extraordinary photography through link above.

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19 Jan 2012

Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya 1/8th PVC Figure Steins Gate

Principal character from Steins;Gate シュタインズ・ゲート Shutainzu Gēto a Japanese visual novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, and released on October 15, 2009 for the Xbox 360.

Despite the 1/8th scale Kurisu is a non standard 9.5" in height. The gears require assembly, but clearly labelled instructions makes assembly a simple process.  The figure, based on artwork by "Huke" ,  is expertly shaded, noteworthy care is given to the colour blend on her hair and jacket. The extraordinary attention to detail on the sculpt is a hallmark of Manufacturers, Kotobukiya.

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Available from Playasia

And Amazon

11 Jan 2012

Space Battleship Yamato Movie (2010)

Released Japan Dec 1st 2010, a film adaptation of the 1974 anime TV series Space Battleship Yamato. The year is 2199 and after five years of attack by an alien race known as Gamilas, Earth lies ravaged by radiation bombs. The remnants of humanity have fled underground with only 73 days until the radiation will drive humanity to extinction.

But the Earth Defense Force plan a counter-offensive and the crew of the space battleship Yamato are sent out on a journey to the planet Iscandar to acquire a device that can heal their ravaged planet.

Directed by Takashi Yamazaki, the film release of Space Battleship Yamato debuted at number 1 on the Japanese box-office, knocking a certain Harry Potter off his throne. 

Imdb critic reviews database
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10 Jan 2012

Mai Fukui "Yakusoku no Basho" 約束の場所, Ps3 Music Theme, Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a video game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, set three years after the events in FFXIII. Currently on release in Japan and due for release in US on January 31st and Eu on February 3rd 2012. 

Whilst Western Audiences will have the same theme music (New World" by Charice) for both Xbox 360 and Ps3, in Japan there are two distinct theme songs for the game.

The Xbox 360 release is "New World" by Charice, while the PlayStation 3 release is "Yakusoku no Basho" 約束の場所, "The Promised Meeting" by Japanese singer songwriter Mai Fukui.

Mai Fukui Official Website (Japanese)

FFXIII-2 Wallpaper on this blog and on  Beauty Re-Rendered

FFXII-2 Official Website (Japanese)
US Version
EU Version

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Beautiful Days

CD+DVD Available from Playsia.com
A six-track mini-album includes the long-selling hit Ikutabi no Sakura and Final Fantasy X III-2 theme song Yakusoku no Basho. In addition to the five new songs, Beautiful Days also features a new acoustic version of Mai's debut single Ai no Uta as bonus track.

9 Jan 2012

I-NO Guilty Gear X2 Cosplay

Anime: Guilty Gear x2
Character: I-NO イノ
Cosplayer: Su Yeon
yugene (photos 1,2)
KWSW (Photo 3)

Full Size images on links, any help with a link to the cosplayer would be appreciated.

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8 Jan 2012

What is Gunpla ガンプラ ?

Image: HG 00 Raiser ANA X Gundam Sky Project
More eyewatering images from Gunpla Master, "ZeroFour Gundam"

"Gundam Models" are plastic and non-plastic model kits depicting the mechas, vehicles and characters of the fictional Mobile Suit GUNDAM universe by Bandai, a Japanese toy making and video game company.

GUNDAM Models are also called Gunpla ガンプラ Ganpura, a mashup of "Gundam plastic model". "Gunpla" more commonly refers to the practice of building Gundam models, rather than the models themselves.

"Mobile Suit Gundam", the Anime, debuted in 1979 and the first Gunpla kits were created in 1980.  The first Gunpla kit? The 1/144 Scale RX-78-2 GUNDAM

7 Jan 2012

Concept Art Ferez

Before you go asking, no I haven't a clue as to who this artist is, found on a cursory search of ConceptArt.org.  One way of finding out would be to head to the link, view full size images and post your rating, no registration required. Enough positive responses and they may well appear from the mist of anonymity.

Ferez on ConceptArg.org

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5 Jan 2012

Satellizer el Bridget 1/8th scale figure from "Freezing" Anime

"Satellizer el Bridget" is a principal character from the Japanese-Korean manga and anime series, ‘Freezing’.

This 1/8th scale pvc figure from Japanese manufacturer "FREEing" stands 225mm tall,
wielding her volt weapon "Nova Blood".  The figure is modelled post battle, standing resolute and steadfast, though in dire need of a change of clothing.

Satellizer el. Bridget, formerly known as Satellizer Alongrutch, is the main heroine of the "Freezing" franchise. A second-year student at West Genetics, she is a highly skilled Pandora who is known as the Untouchable Queen because of her ruthlessness in combat.

Given the size of the model, the asking price of $124.90 US (at time of posting) is a stretch, though admitedly the sculpture and paint detail draws some admiration.

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3 Jan 2012

Nier Game Character Wallpaper




1280x480 widescreen

Nier is an action role-playing video game, published by Square Enix, and the last game to be developed by Cavia
Released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America in April 2010. In Japan, the game was an Xbox 360 exclusive titled Nier Gestalt, while an alternate version titled Nier Replicant was released for PlayStation 3 with a younger main character.

The Gameplay follows the main character, Nier, as he attempts to find a cure for an illness, known as the Black Scrawl, which has infected his daughter, Yonah.

Nier is a skilled fighter trained in the ways of the one-handed sword, as the game progresses he gains mastery over the spear and two-handed sword.  Those close to Nier see him as a kind-hearted man with a strong sense of honor and an incredible work ethic

Nier Official Website
Nier Replicant and Nier Gestalt (Japanese)

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2 Jan 2012

Guilty Crown Forum Avatar

Right click save image for 400x72
Right click open new tab/window for 550x100

Guilty Crown ギルティクラウン Giruti Kuraun is a 2011 Japanese anime television series currently airing (December 2011).  It is the year 2039 and an "Apocalypse Virus"  plunges Japan into a state of emergency.

A Manga Adaption has begun serialization and a spin-off visual novel, tentatively named Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas is being developed by Nitroplus.

Guilty Crown Official Website (Japanese)
Guilty Crown Wallpaper on Forbidden Forest

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1 Jan 2012

Cosplay The Music Video

Okay I admit I may not be the quickest to get around to things, but luckily I do get there in the end.

Epic vid From "Cosplay Fever" here and here

Music: Pink "Raise Your Glass"
Intro photo: Black Cat Character from anaisroberts on deviantart

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Kotobukiya Figures