5 Nov 2011

What does Neko 猫 mean?

Neko 猫 is the Japanese word for cat, or feline, and popularily used when referring to a character with cat ears and/or tail.

猫娘 Nekomusume (lit, daughter of a cat) or catgirl is a female character with physical characteristics such as cat ears, cat tail, etc. on an otherwise human body. Catgirls are found in various fiction genres, (eg. Catwoman from DC comcis) and in particular Japanese anime and manga where they are more commonly referred to as Neko or Nekomimi 猫耳 (lit.cat ear/s).
Catgirls invariably exhibit cat-like characteristics, which can include cat gestures or sounds in written or verbal communications

:( Just to confuse the issue, Neko can also refer to the uke (bottom) in yaoi manga, or the femme in a yuri manga

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Image by hokuto saeki (no link avaiable), one of five principal artists for BaseSon's 2007 visual novel Koihime Musō.

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