30 Apr 2007

Nana Komatsu & Osaki Cosplay

Originally a shōjo manga by mangaka Ai Yazawa, The manga derives its title from the name of the two main characters, both of whom are called Nana. What sets them apart, however, is the stark difference between their personalities. Nana Komatsu (aka Haichi) has a childlike innocence and tends to lose touch with reality, while the other Nana Osaki is a strong, self-confident singer in a punk band.

Cosplayers are Kaori and Hinata from Taiwan.

Elderly would like to thank Kawaii Princess Poine, who manages one of the classiest personal blogs your likely to see. Take a visit leave a comment, and do, if you do nothing else this evening, check out her extraordinary taste in music.

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28 Apr 2007

3d Cosplay Poison

Character from the Video game series Final Fight. The most difficult part was finding a hat prop and realising that hats don't squash 3d hair. Accepting the idea that Poison is a newhalf, is probably never going to happen.

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25 Apr 2007

23 Apr 2007

Burst Angel Jo Wallpaper

Jo Wallpaper from Burst Angel

Jo Burst Angel Anime Wallpaper

A character from the anime Series Burst Angel. Silver hair, red eyes, carries twin Desert Eagles and is known as "The Angel from Hell." Because of her artificial creation Jo has superhuman abilities. The appearance of a glowing tattoo on her left arm and shoulder blade usually indicates that Jo has been put under too much pressure.
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21 Apr 2007

3d model Cosplay Tifa Lockhart FFVII

Well ask an amateur for something and this is what you get, by special request for J, Tifa sans braces and elbow guards, skirt texture needs a miracle, and gauntlets..... oh well it's early days. And to make matters worse the heating was busted on the day of the photoshoot...

ps. if anyone can post a link to some free clothing braces and a long hair file, Tifa here wouldn't have to look so glum

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pic of the week

from webzengames

Wallpaper of the Week

good o'l Ada Wong (RE4) from babene.ru


19 Apr 2007

3d model Cosplay Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart 3d Model Wallpaper

Tifa Lockhart 3d model Wallpaper

Tifa Lockhart Wallpaper

Introducing the first in what i hope to be a series of 3d model Cosplay posts, from the elderly. And yes i admit it, I'm along way away from any semblance of designing accurate clothing props. Rendered using Daz3d , Victoria 3 and some post rendering in Pixia. Anything to liven up a quiet Tuesday.

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18 Apr 2007

Haibane Renmei Opening

Haibane Renmei is a 13-episode anime series based on the work of Yoshitoshi ABe. It began as an original dōjinshi comic series, but as a result of the popularity of the anime series the dojinshi was never completed.

The anime was broadcast by Animax under the title Ailes Grises.

The series follows a young girl named Rakka, a newly arrived "Haibane" (an angelic looking being), and other characters in the city of Glie, a walled city with one entrance where no one is allowed to leave.

Official Website


17 Apr 2007

Anime Figures for Sale on ebay

Once more into the breech dear friends, a prolonged figure hunting expedition on ebay reveals the following.

From top image to bottom


G-Taste Character Yuki Shihoudou Resin Figure Not Sold!

Geshiken kanako Ohno vinyl Figure Not Sold!

Ikkitousen Kanu Untyou Yamato exclusive Not Sold!

Garage Kits (assembly and painting required)

Trigun Vash resin garage kit Not Sold!

Alita Fallen Angel resin garage kit Not Sold!

Takeya Skull Soldier Vinyl garage kit Sold $90 (1 bid)


15 Apr 2007

Tifa Lockhart Wallpaper

Born in Nebelheim on May 3rd 1967, Tifa grew up next door to Cloud, at aged 15 following the destruction of her hometown by Sephiroth, Tifa moves to Midgar where she sets up 7th heaven and meets the leader of "Avalanche", which she joins to revenge the destruction of Nebelheim.

In Final Fantasy Advent Children Tifa has a big part in encouraging and convincing Cloud to fight on. Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. But don't let her face fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists.

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Never Ever


14 Apr 2007

Homebrew Walls

Amazing what free software and a slow social life can achieve. And if I can do it, so can you.

Daz 3d Victoria

Fantasy Artist "Angel"

Rendered Beauty is proud to showcase the talent of "Angel", a young aspiring artist who has had a passion for drawing for as long as he can remember. Having never attended any form of art education, Angel he is completely self thought, garnering his skills from life experience and fleeting impressions.

Currently best known for his Gothic character art, with a noticeable manga element, his style is truly original, incorporating elements from a wide range of art forms. Angel's favourite characters are Guts from the Berserk manga, Ashram from Lodoss, Vlad "The Impaler" and Dracula. According to his agent, his greatest flaw, indeed if one exists, appears to be a total lack of patience leading to a frightening 14 min average in drawing time.

I would like to thank Angel and Nikolas for giving me permission to display his work. Rendered Beauty will be featuring some more of Angel's work at a later stage, till then head over to the "Court of Sir Nikolas" where Nikolas is preparing another selection of Angel's talent.

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12 Apr 2007

Alex Ross Batman Figure

Alex Ross is an American comic book painter, acclaimed for the photorealism of his work. Ross is known for his love of the vintage looks of classic characters and the more mythic elements of the superheroes. In the past ten years, he has done much work for the industry’s two largest and most historically important publishing houses, Marvel and DC Comics.

This original creation designed by Alex Ross presents his unique vision of the Caped Crusader. Painted in monochromatic tones, this limited-edition statue measures approximately 7 1/2-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide x 3-inches long.

Alex Ross on Wikipedia

Available from Amazon

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10 Apr 2007

Ayane Cosplay

A character from the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden video game series. Ayane is quiet and reserved, and trying to forget her traumatic experiences as a child, when she was viewed as a "cursed child".

Ayane is one of the fastest of the ninjas in the game. Although she can deal a lot of damage with single attacks, they are not always the safest. In one of Ayane's winning scenes in Dead or Alive 4, she says "It that it" as opposed to saying "Is that it"

cosplay from cosplex
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Kotobukiya Figures