23 Mar 2012

Wallpaper of the Week Mark Mawson


See what happens when you hand an 8 year old a camera and they grow up.  Mark Mawson, award-winning UK based photographer with over 21 years experience, began his career as a photojournalist, now his artistry is featured in public and private galleries across the world.

Official Website

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Pic of the Week Jazz-Minh Moore

American fine artist, image above titled Theda Bara, acrylic and resin on birch panel, now part of a private collection :(

Official Website

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21 Mar 2012

Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Volume 1

Hardcover edition, comprising of the first six issues of the graphic series.  Novelist Daniel Abraham and illustrator Tommy Patterson bring George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy "A Game of Thrones" to new life in the pages of this full-color edition.

See also Game of Thrones Second Edition Board Game

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17 Mar 2012

Rukia Kuchiki Wallpaper




Rukia Kuchiki 朽木 ルキア is a character in the anime and manga series Bleach. Rukia is a Soul Reaper in charge of slaying evil spirits known as Hollows. In order to fulfil her duties she is forced to surrender her powers to the main protagonist of the series Ichigo Kurosaki.

Rukia's calm and cool  persona comes at a cost, feeling she must hide her personal troubles even from her friends. Whilst an accomplished actress she is also lost when it comes to the ways of the human world.
Rukia Kuchiki Wiki

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16 Mar 2012

Wallpaper of the Week Indecision

2400 x 1030


Kinda stuck like a donkey between two bales of hay this week.  A 2400 x 1030 dual display behemoth found on Kabekami.net and a motherload of desktop wallpaper from Vladstudio.com.

Simple choice really in the end :)

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Pic of the Week Tertius Alio

Russian portrait photographer Danya Kontorovich aka Tertius Alio

Official vk page
500px page
35photo page

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15 Mar 2012

MV Ayaka Hirahara "Not a Love Song"

Ayaka Hirahara 平原 綾香 Hirahara Ayaka is a Japanese pop singer and classical saxophonist, perhaps best know for her debut single "Jupiter" released 2004.

"Not a love song" is from her latest album Doki! released February 2012

Discounting her Classic albums, where she showcases her musical pedigree, the is Ayaka's 6th studio album.

Official Website (Japanese)
3 track single available from Playasia.com

Doki! Album available from Playasia.com

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12 Mar 2012

Cradle Gameplay Video

In development by Independent computer games studio Flying Cafe For Semianimals. Cradle is a 3D adventure where for enigmatic reasons you find yourself alone in a yurt among the Mongolian hills.  Alone that is except for the remains of a mechanical girl.  It is your task to restore the lost functions of your companion's mechanical body parts and together reveal the mystery of a derelict entertainment park.

Official Website

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9 Mar 2012

Wallpaper of the Week Mass Effect 3


As my social life prepares to take a serious hit with the release of the game Mass Effect 3, pardon my self indulgence, some homemade Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper

Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper on Eyesurfing
Mass Effect 3 Game Wallpaper on The Elderly Gamer
Earlier Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper post

What? me obsessed? ... okay maybe a little bit, if only I could find someone to water the plants while I'm away....

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Pic of the Week Alphonse Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha aka Alphonse Mucha 1860 – 1939 Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist.

Mucha Foundation
Praque's Mucha Museum
Artist Bio on Wikipedia

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