10 Oct 2006

Kasumi Black figure from Kaiyodo and Monsieur Bome

Limited edition prepainted pvc figure from the artistry of Monsieur Bome, Kasumi a character from the Dead or Alive Game series by Tecmo, also known as "the Kunoichi of Destiny".

Kasumi is a female ninja skilled in the Mugen Tenshin Style of Ninjutsu. She was to become the 18th Master of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, but ran away in order to enter the "Dead or Alive" tournament. There, she hoped to defeat the one responsible for crippling her brother. But, by leaving the secretive ninja clan, she became a nukenin (runaway shinobi), so every day she must live on the run from her former comrades. This figure depicts the fiery Kasumi in her signature stance, complete with her wakizashi blade on her back.

White version
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Bome Dead or Alive Kasumi Blue Dress Statue



Mike Abundo said...

Ninjas rule. Ninja babes rule even more. Scantily-clad busty ninja babes rule ALL.

The Elderly said...

indeed they do they do they do, the katana has me a bit worried though....

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Nice female ninja figures.

Here are some other female ninja figures: http://bladeak.blogspot.com/2006/06/kunoichi-ownership.html

Have fun.

ZeroFour Gundam said...

Hmm a friend is selling his for a good price, is it a good fig?

The Elderly said...

Greetings :)
I've got the "white" version, with the free flowing hair, 3 negatives, hair is too translucent (should't be an issue with the ponytail), skin shading is practically non-existant and the head is a tinch too small for the body.

Though I wouldn't say that if she were in the room :)

One of my first purchases and one of my favourite characters from DOA, so a special place in my little collection.

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