30 Aug 2006

Reith 1/6th scale Figure from Cerberus Project

Character from Ps2 game Magna Carta, 1/6th scale figure from Cerberus Project comes prepainted with minor assembly required.

Reith or Rith is a young girl who suffers from amnesia. She finds the central character (Calintz) badly hurt and treats his wounds. From then on, she travels with him and the other members of the Tears of Blood. During their journey, many people are surprised by her lack of "common sense," which is a result of her amnesia. She is always cheerful and always speaks her mind. She hates to fight and will gladly help anyone in need, without discriminating against either humans or Yason. Her primary goal is to regain her memory.

Reith Cosplay
Magna Carta Official Website
Magna Carta Opening FMV
Reith Avatars and Buddy Icons

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DEITRIX said...

Like the hair and detail of her outfit..

The Elderly said...

the shiny legs put me off, fixable but yellow isn't my favourite colour

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