28 Dec 2006

Samurai Executioner Manga

Samurai Executioner is a 10-volume manga created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima, the same team that created the popular Lone Wolf and Cub series. The series was first serialized in Japan.

The story is set in the Edo period of feudal Japan. It revolves around Yamada Asaemon, nicknamed Kubikiri Asa, a ronin who is responsible for testing new swords for the shogun. The character is based on a real-life line of sword-testers who served the Tokugawa Shogunate up to the early 19th century.



Kunoichi Terminator said...

I think he beheaded some female ninja.

Happy New Year!

The Elderly said...

Thank you, i reckon you are right, being a fair and reasonable sword tester, Happy new year Kunoichi terminator.....

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