22 Mar 2007

NInja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a video game to be released for the PlayStation 3, a remake of Ninja Gaiden Black, which was originally released on the Xbox, with many upgrades including new stages and weapons, a major upgrade to graphics and 'direction'. Some FMV's have been replaced with in-game graphics cutscenes (even making some playable), and Rachel will be a playable character, with her own unique storyline as a side story to Ryu's and her own set of attacks and weaponry.

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J said...

*Clicks play to watch the trailer...*

Wow! Team Ninja and Tecmo actually can develop a game without tit-

*see's Rachel frolicking around in a tight leather leotard with heaving cleavage*

...never mind.

The Elderly said...

they did lose the plot with their experise in 3d modeling, the occasional tight leather outfit though i can live with...

(lost in reverie.....)

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