31 May 2007

Aya Brea 3d Cosplay

Two Steps forward one step back in the continuing learning process that is daz3d.

Aya Brea is a character from the Parasite Eve series of games published by Square, The first game (never released in the west) is a sequel to the novel "Parasite Eve", written by Hideaki Sena.

Aya Brea was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1973. She joins the police force to investigate her mother's mysterious death, quickly becoming a dedicated police woman noted for her calmness under pressure.

In the first game she must fight against creatures whose mitachondria had begun to act on their own, causing horrible mutations to their hosts and creating havoc in the city. The most powerful and terrible of these creatures is Eve.

Parasite Eve Official Website

30 May 2007

Masamune Shirow Wallpaper

Masamune Shirow debuted as a professional manga artist with Appleseed in 1985. Subsequently his unique talent has led to the creation of other titles such as Orion, Dominion, and perhaps the most well known- Ghost In The Shell. Shirow's works can be best described as cyberpunk / military-police themed but recently has focused his creative energy in the creation of beautiful, detailed and groundbreaking Computer Graphic artworks.

3 more Shirow Wallpapers
Masamune Shirow Bio

29 May 2007

Mitsuru Kirijou (Persona 3) figure from Kotobukiya

Mitsuru Kirijou ( 桐条 美鶴) is a character from Persona 3 the fourth (?) in Atlus' unusually thought-provoking RPG series of games for the Ps2. She is the Student Council President and born into a wealthy business family. The Mitsuru PVC figure stands over 8 inches tall (1/7th scale) including her display base, and has been sculpted by Kosuke Arai. Kotobukiya have provided the option of equipping her with her trusty sword or a gun.
Persona 3 is currently in release in Japan, and will be released in North America in summer 2007.

Persona 3 Game Site (Japanese)


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28 May 2007

Dragon Raja Wallpaper

A mmorpg based on a fantasy novel, written by Korean author Lee Yeongdo. The Game bears a notable likeness to Diablo and Final Fantasy.

English Server
Japanese Server

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Otsuka Ai "Kingyo Hanabi"

Ai Otsuka - Kingyo Hanabi - GMX Video
Broadcast, live and Video versions of Kingyo Hanabi (Goldfish Fireworks), which is Ai Otsuka's 5th single. It was released by avex trax on August 18, 2004. It became the theme song of the Japanese television program "Super TV". 50,000 limited edition copies were released which included a picture book drawn by Ai.

Otsuka Ai Official Website

Cd from Playasia
Cd+DVD from Playasia


22 May 2007

Wallpaper Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online (also known as "SRO" or "Silk") is a free massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by the South Korean company Joymax. The setting for the game is that of the historical Silk Road, one of the world's oldest and most historically important trade routes. Unique from other MMORPGs, the game is centered around trading.

Note from Download Munkey:
"Taiwan site has the 1280x960 resolution wallpapers."

Wikipedia overview

Silk Road International

20 May 2007

Rumble Roses Art

Selection of concept art from "Rumble Roses Best Shot", a collection of illustrations, CG graphics, and screen captures of the fighters from the Ps2 game "Rumble Roses", 125 pages. Text in Japanese

Update! October 2011, a very warm and grateful thank you to elenadragu エレナドラグ for enlightening us all as to the artist responsible, a Mr. Shiro Kotobuki from Japan, and if you scroll down to elenadragu's comments you'll gain some insight as to why the artist's favourite saying is "Simple is most difficult"

Thank you elenadragu!

Artist's Website
Rumble Roses Website (Japanese)
Rumble Roses XX (Japanese)

Rumble Roses Merchandise:

Rumble Roses Best Shot

CG Collection Artwork Collection Soundtrack


19 May 2007

Ugetsu Hakua Fantasy Artist

Japanese Artist publishing under the name "Yellow Tag", images from his doujinshi "Lith"

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Yellow Tag Website
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Ugetsu Hakua Fantasy Artist "Flamboyant"

Images from Doujinshi "Flamboyant" by artist Ugetsu Hakua. A Japanese artist best known as the conceptual character designer for Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel). He publishes doujinshi under the doujin circle name Yellow Tag. Flamboyant is his first solo illustrations book, representing his work for the "Burst Angel" Anime series.

Yellow Tag Website
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Fantasy Art Unknown

Found on pchome.net, fantasy art from Chen K'u (best guess). Cover art for a series of novels or comics in traditional Chinese, called "Sleeping Warrior Spirit/God" (thanks mr.Munkey). If someone could direct me to the the artist's website or provide a proper translation of the title I'd be most grateful.

Shining Tears Elwin Figure from Eye Scream

Elwin (aka Elwyn) is a hunter elf Character from the PlayStation 2 game, Shining Tears. It is Elwyn who rescues Xion, who she finds washed up on the shore of a river close to death. Pre-painted PVC 1:8 scale figure, standing 8" tall, from manufacturers Eye Scream.

Shining Tears Website
Available on Amazon

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16 May 2007

Heroic Age Opening

Mecha based anime currently airing on Japanese TV networks. The Theme is called "Gravitation" Sung by Angela (a Japanese pop band).

wikipedia entry
TV Tokyo Website (Japanese)


3d Cosplay Cammy




Cammy, (aka Cammy White, Killer Bee) is a character in the Street Fighter video game series. First appearing in 1993 in the fighting game Super Street Fighter II. Elderly discovers props, and loses the ability to light a scene properly.. oh well early days

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14 May 2007

Kotobukiya Figures