22 Oct 2011

Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper

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Black★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター, Burakku Rokku Shuutaa) BRS or Rock for short, is the main protagonist of the ova,anime and game franchise by the same name,

Initially depicted as a calm and collected girl, only speaking at the end of the original ova when she confronts her "other self", Kuroi Mato.

Her weapons consist of a black-hilted katana, later called  Black Blade and a large gun called ★rock Cannon. A blue flame shoots out from her left eye.   Single minded and skilled in fighting she later adopts a a pair of metallic wings and a jet engine on her back in game release. Black Rock Shooter is tasked with the duty of maintaining the peace within a world between Heaven and Earth called the Threshold.  Considered to be the ultimate weapon, her abilities are the only hope to save Earth from utter destruction.

extract from wikipedia
In the OVA, she is a resident of the Other World who merges with Mato in order to rescue Yomi who was possessed by Dead Master.

In Innocent Soul, she resides in the world of Hazama, a plane between Heaven and Earth, and her job is to purify stagnant souls whose regrets caused them to become trapped in this realm and become demons that attack other souls.

In the game, she is a cyborg that is awoken from a capsule in the year 2051, thrown into a battlefield where aliens threaten mankind. She is the creation of Dr. Gibson, whose real name is Stella (ステラ Sutera?), and is a clone of the original White Rock Shooter.

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