5 Jan 2012

Satellizer el Bridget 1/8th scale figure from "Freezing" Anime

"Satellizer el Bridget" is a principal character from the Japanese-Korean manga and anime series, ‘Freezing’.

This 1/8th scale pvc figure from Japanese manufacturer "FREEing" stands 225mm tall,
wielding her volt weapon "Nova Blood".  The figure is modelled post battle, standing resolute and steadfast, though in dire need of a change of clothing.

Satellizer el. Bridget, formerly known as Satellizer Alongrutch, is the main heroine of the "Freezing" franchise. A second-year student at West Genetics, she is a highly skilled Pandora who is known as the Untouchable Queen because of her ruthlessness in combat.

Given the size of the model, the asking price of $124.90 US (at time of posting) is a stretch, though admitedly the sculpture and paint detail draws some admiration.

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ZeroFour Gundam said...

This is one cool figure, but I developed this knack for castoff figs, so i'd still pick the 1/4 hehe

The Elderly said...

indeed, once you go beyond 1/6 there's no turning back! :D

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