14 Sep 2007

1/8th Scale PVC Ira Blanc Neige Kotobukiya

Full name Ira Blanc Neige Gardenias, crown princess of Runevale Kingdom Neige and a character from the Ps2 Game and anime series "Shining Tears X Wind"

Often referred to as the Ice Witch due to her specialization in ice magic, but just as likely because of her temperament cold, sarcastic and antisocial. Her Japanese voice actor is Megumi Hayashibara, the same voice behind Rei Ayanami in Rebuild of Evangelion (2007.

The sculpt is based on the character designs of bishoujo master artist Tony Taka, the sorceress has been rendered in three dimensions by Hojun Otoyama. Blanc stands 8 2/3" tall (1/8th scale), and has been acclaimed by game producer Tsuyoshi Sawada as a great quality sculpt.

I'm Sorry Figure no longer available :(

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