29 Sep 2012

Serah Farron Costume Wallpaper セラ・ファロン 壁紙

Serah Farron Wallpaper Final Fantasy Xiii-2 Costume
Summoner Costume
Style and Stell Costume Serah Farron Wallpaper FFxiii-2
Style and Steel
Final Fantasy Xiii 2 Wallpaper
Default Costume
Serah Farron Mass Effect Wallpaper FFxiii-2
Mass Effect N7 Costume
Princpal female character from Square Enix's Final Fantasy xiii-2. Serah is Lightning's younger sister, turned to crystal on completion of her focus but restored at the end of the first game. In xii-2, she has taken on the role of a teacher in the village of Bodhum.  During an attack on the village by monsters she is saved by Noel Kreiss. 

Together they set out to find Lightning, a journey that awakens her ability to see the future and setting her determination to change things for the better.

Several alternate outfits for Serah were released by way of downloadable content. 

Thanks to "elderly" for the fanmade wallpaper selection above.

Official Game Website

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28 Sep 2012

Wallpaper of the Week Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper

This by way of letting you know that Quantic Dream the developers behind the astounding "Heavy Rain"and "Indigo Prophecy"  have another release on the way "Beyond Two Souls" and the teaser website comes complete with trailer.

Official Website

Pic of the Week "Twisted" by Diego Fernandez

Pic of the Week Diego Fernandez
Argentinian digital Artist and illustrator, second outing on this little blog, some artists you can't get enough of.

Official Website
On DeviantArt
On Behance
On Facebook

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26 Sep 2012

DOA 5 Twitter Icons

DOA 5 Twitter Icon Kasumi
Hitomi Dead or Alive 5 Twitter Icon
Bayman DOA 5 Twitter Icon
Ayane DOA5 Twitter Icon
Leifang DOA 5 Twitter Icon
 All sized 250x250
Fanmade icons by "elderly" for the recently released fighting game Dead or Alive 5, developed by Tecmo Ninja, bless their cotton socks. 

UPDATE! Dead or Alive 5 Facebook covers on Eyesurfing

For more fanmade loveliness, checkout the DOA 5 Wallpaper of the Week post

Official DOA5 Website
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25 Sep 2012

Yoko Littner Wallpaper

Yoko Littner Wallpaper
Anime Wallpaper Yoko Littner
Yoko Littner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Wallpaper
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Yoko Wallpaper
Yoko Littner is the lead female character from the anime series "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann".  Depicted as mature and knowledgeable, Yoko is a skilled Gunmen pilot who boasts an extensive range of firearms, but her favourite appears to be a long range sniper rifle modeled after the M82 manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company.

Official Anime Website (Japanese)

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21 Sep 2012

Pic of the Week Kent Floris

"Life Through Death" from US based freelance illustrator Kent Floris, blending traditional rendering with bold graphical elements.

Official Website
On Tumblr

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Wallpaper of the Week Fanmade DOA 5

Dead or Alive 5 Game Wallpaper fanmade

For the upcoming release of Team Ninja's Dead or Alive 5 this from "elderly" 15 more on the links below.

Ayane, Kokoro, Hayate and Akira DOA 5 wallpaper on Just Walls Blog
Kasumi, Christie, Tina and La Mariposa DOA 5 wallpaper on Beauty Re-rendered Blog
Hitomi, Sarah Bryant, Pai Chan, and Mila DOA 5 wallpaper on Rendered Bits Blog
Leifang, Bayman, Hayabusa and Helena DOA 5 wallpaper on Eyesurfing Blog

Update!! DOA5 Facebook Cover on Eyesurfing

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Steampunk Cosplay

Steampunk Cosplay

Neila Fynn Cosplay Steampunk

Leder Joe Steampunk Costume

Cosplay Steampunk

Steampunk Fashion shoot Leder Joe

Following a link insisting this was Caitlyn cosplay from League of Legends, lo and behold it turned out to be a commercial photoshoot for Steampunk gear, but it's sooooo good I couldn't let it pass.  Normal Cosplay posting will resume shortly.

Links open to some NSFW images.

Model: Neila Fynn
Outfit: Leder Joe
Photographer: André M. Hünseler

Low resolution images here only, full size scans through the links above.

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19 Sep 2012

Milla Maxwell Tales of Xillia Cosplay

Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko

Milla Maxwell Tales of Xillia Cosplay

Milla Maxwell Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko

Milla Mawell Cosplay

Milla Maxwell Tales of Xillia

Cosplayer: Miyuko (Yun Jin Kang)
on Facebook

Photography: Spiral Cats Team
on Facebook

Character: Milla Maxwell, Tales of Xillia game

MiIla is one of the principal characters from the game "Tales of Xillia" developed by Namco Tales Studio.  Master of spirits, Milla is charged with protecting the World and has little respect for those who shirk their responsibilities.  Knowing little of what it means to be human, Milla is fascinated with human civilization and behaviour.

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14 Sep 2012

8 Sep 2012

Game FMV Final Fantasy XII Cut Scenes

Final Fantasy Xii

Released for Playstation 2 in March 2006, Final Fantasy XII received universal praise from fans and game critics alike.  Now a certain Boulotaur 2025 has taken the extraordinary time and patience to assemble the best cinematic scenes from the game in one glorious, HQ, eye watering 27 minutes and 18 seconds of gaming nostalgia.

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7 Sep 2012

Pic of the Week Greg Horn

Comic Cover Art Anita Blake by Greg Horn
Cover art for "Anita Blake" issue  #1 from Marvel Comics/Dabel Brothers publishing.

Versatile American Concept and Comic strip artist, whose Comic cover art includes such characters as Emma Frost, Elektra, Madame Mirage, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk.

Official Website

Wallpaper of the Week "Dredd"

Fanmade Wallpaper (by elderly) for the upcoming Uk movie "Dredd" based on the character from the 2000 AD comic  "Judge Dredd"

Official Movie Website

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Kotobukiya Figures