6 Feb 2012

"Black Widow" Comic Wallpaper





"Black Widow" is the codename of several superheroines appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova born circa 1928 Stalingrad, former U.S.S.R. made her first Appearance Tales of Suspense #52 (1964)

Orphaned as a child, she attracted the attention of Soviet intelligence at an early age, with whom she began intense training as a superspy. In 1945 Following World War II, Natasha was recruited to become part of the Black Widow Program, a team of elite female sleeper agents.
Portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming (May 4th 2012) Avengers film directed by Joss Whedon. Full bio on Marvel.com

Yelena Belova is the second modern mainstream Black Widow who debuted in Inhumans #5 (March 1999).

And just to confuse things...

Monica Chang is the second Black Widow in Marvel's Ultimate comic series, appearing in Ultimate Comics: Avengers.

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