7 Mar 2007

What are Visual Novels?

Visual Novels are interactive fiction games featuring mostly static graphics, usually with anime-style art. Resembling mixed-media novels, visual novels are classified as a sub-genre of adventure games, referred to as AVGs in Japanm where they make up nearly 70% of PC games released.

Player interaction is limited to clicking to keep the text, graphics and sound moving. The majority of visual novels feature multiple choice questions resulting in branching storylines and multiple endings.

Though Visual Novels are predominately only available in Japan, recent releases like Phoenix Wright for the Nintendo DS, may change all that.

Shi.org some free examples of fan-made or translated visual novels
Visual Novels.net featuring downloads and reviews on latest commercial releases



Nikolas said...

Hmm, then I guess I've played a couple of visual novels.
Vary informative Mr. Elderly.
I'll be shure to mention this blog to more than a few friends, being they often debate about these sort of things.

Thanks for the everflowing info.

As for the scanner thingy... You gave it your best shot, but i fear he's on his death bed.

The Elderly said...

...thank you nikolas... im learning as I go... though blogging is taking over a serious amount of my free time....

.. my condolences to you on the scanner... im afraid I arrived too late.... however if you want i'll check over you new one when you get it..... ?

Nikolas said...

One of these days I'll round up the time to study blogs belonging to Mr. Gnome and you.
Just cant wait to see what have I missed.

Now, as for the scanner... Well, actually, I was thinking of saving someone of your expertise for, well, a, sort of, serious situation. I don't wanna pester you whit minor glitches.

The Elderly said...


indeed why that's most kind of you... though i've still got my rusty spanner and screwdriver if things don't work out..

(big smile on face...)

Nikolas said...

Indeed I'll be shure to call if any repairs need to be done. You are much better than that last guy. His tool box seemed to consist mainly of different sizes of axes. :P

Fact: I saw a graphics card "adjusted" to a motherboard whit a saw. Gave me something to think about it did.

The Elderly said...

...now that was a repair summoned from the bowels of a Clive Barker nightmare.... glad you escaped the axe repairman...

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