30 Jun 2007

Sacred Saga Art Saint Seiya Card Deck

Saint Seiya also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a manga and anime series about a group of five mystical warriors called the "Saints" (or "Knights") who have adopted various constellations as their guardian symbols.

The US "Knights of the Zodiac" version was heavily critized by fans of the series, due to the extensive amount of editing used to remove the violence, bloodshed, and religious themes (eg blood was colored blue and called sweat.

Sacred Saga is a Deck of cards painted and published by Saint Seiya fans. Sacred Saga contains 56 cards in total:

Spades: Theocracy (12 Olympus Gods+Athena as Spade A)
Hearts: Holy Comfort (12 Gold Saints+Aries Mu as Heart A)
Clubs: The Seduce of Sea (5 main Bronze Saints, 7 Marinas+Virgo Shaka as Club A)
Diamonds: Doom Star (12 Surplices+Aquarius Camus as Diamond A)
Jokers: Poseidon and Hades, plus 2 extra Pandora and Hades

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ecchi Wallpaper

selection from ecchi-haven.net

What does Ecchi mean?

Ecchi or Etchi is often used in the context of manga and anime. The term ecchi is applied to anime or manga that has vague sexual content (such as skimpy clothing, partial or full nudity). In English ecchi can carry different connotations than allowed for by the original Japanese. The ecchi art style is loosely comparable to pin-up girl artwork, as well as to provocative fantasy and comic book art in the United States and other countries.

Wallpaper from Ecchi-haven

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Lineage Dark Elf Cosplay

from 1713.com

Lineage is a Korean MMORPG series. Dark elves were once members of the light elves that were banished for practicing dark magic. They have opposing qualities and traits: light elves use white magic and are quick and agile, but lack offensive strength. Dark elves practice dark magic, have high offensive capabilities due to superior mental and physical strength, and are nearly as agile as the light elves. However, dark elves suffer from weak defensive abilities, and are more prone to being stunned.

As with every class (except Dwarves), the dark elves are separated into two classes: fighter and mystic, opening several avenues of play style. They notably wear fetish clothing-inspired outfits and reverr Shilen, the goddess of Death.

28 Jun 2007

Abel Nightroad Trinity Blood Wallpaper




A character from Trinity Blood, Abel Nightroad is a Catholic priest who seems to be nothing more than a clumsy, absent-minded fool on the surface. Created 2088 A.D. in London, United Kingdom, Abel is a Crusnik, a vampire of extreme, extraordinary power that feeds on the blood of vampires.

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27 Jun 2007

Aya Brea 3d Cosplay #2





A character from the Parasite Eve series of games published by Square, justice i hope for a less than satisfying earlier post.

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25 Jun 2007

Ignis Cosplay From Sideways

Courtesy of the delectable Sideways, photos from her attendance at A-KON 18, can't wait for her portrayal of Mina Majikina due (fingers crossed) for AnimeFest 2007. Head over to her Flickr album for more images.

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18 Jun 2007

Paranoia Agent Opening and Trailer

Dark, unsettling, and intriguing, Paranoia Agent confirms Satoshi Kon's position as one of the most interesting directors currently working in Japan. A baseball bat-wielding adolescent randomly attacks five people in Tokyo, each of whom is grappling with a serious problem.

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16 Jun 2007

Magna Carta Phantom of Avalanche #2




Prequel to the PlayStation 2 title, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, with Character art by Hyung-Tae Kim

Hyung-Tae Kim Fansite

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13 Jun 2007

Nina Williams




Nina Williams is a character from the Tekken game series. An assassin appearing in every Tekken release so far. She has a notable love/hate relationship with her younger sister, Anna Williams.

Nina has a lethal fighting style, consisting of a plethora of throws, elaborate kick combos, grapples, holds, and chain-throws (something that only a select few Tekken series characters have). In 2005, Nina Williams has also starred in her own spin-off game, Death by Degrees.

Tekken Official Website (Japanese)

Lasestt desktop advertising the 3D animated movie Tekken Blood Vengeance on eyesurfing

11 Jun 2007

Eureka Seven Music

The music of Eureka Seven is available on three different compilations composed by Naoki Sato and a variety of other artists who composed insert songs used in the series. The third soundtrack, "Complete Best", includes the full-length versions of the opening and ending themes for both the series and game, as well as the insert song for the final episode.

Video opening Theme "Days" by Flow

Eureka Seven Merchandise on Play-Asia.com

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6 Jun 2007

"Ikki Tousen" Ryomou Shimei PVC Statue from UART

Shimei Ryomou is a character from the Anime series "Ikki Tousen" a 13 episode anime series loosely based on the manga by Yuji Shiozaki. The series features a large female cast, with notable ecchi content.

Shimei is one of the Nanyo High School's "Big Four." She is an expert using the "joint-technique" when she fights. She has an absolute confidence in her ability as a fighter but changes her personality to a that of a sadist whenever she fights. She always wears an eye patch on her left eye.

Shimei 1:7 scale PVC statue measures 6-inches tall and comes in a colorful window box from Hong Kong based figure manufacturers UART (The United Arts of Real Toys)

A video game for Ikki Tousen is being developed on the Sony Playstation 2 with release date in Japan summer 2007

Available from Amazon.com

Genco Official Website
Ikki Tousen on Animenews
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