5 Oct 2006

Blood The Last Vampire DVD

Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) is a Japanese anime film produced by animation studio Production I.G. and Sony's anime production arm, Aniplex. It was distributed across North America by Manga Entertainment. After the film's success as a cult hit, Sony and Production I.G built up a franchise around the film which involved games, novels, and a manga. Initially only released in Japan, the manga and novel have since seen a North American print in English.

A follow-up two-part PlayStation 2 game, produced by Sony's computer game production arm, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, saw a Japanese-only release in 2000. It featured the same animation quality as the film, and a host of new characters. Due to the game being divided over two discs, retail sales were not as high as anticipated.

Essentially the film is a suspense/action thriller set in Japan during the fall of 1966, when the United States involvement in Vietnam has turned into a full scale conflict. The film features the story of a young girl named Saya: armed with a Japanese sword, she is sent by a mysterious "organization" to hunt down vampires that are hiding amongst the inhabitants of the Yokota U.S. Air Force Base - a small American enclave 30 km from Tokyo.
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DEITRIX said...

Have you seen this..? Is it good??

The Elderly said...

No but it's on my hit list, it may have aged compared to more recent release. I'm way behind in my anime collection and appreciation... though a little bird tells me it's been torrented worldwide.....

I'd still like my own hardcopy though..

hey it's great to see you over here.. thanks for the support...... did your ever think of starting your own game blog? you have a good eye for what's topical...

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