16 Feb 2012

Samus Aran サムス・アラン Zero Suit, pvc figure Max Factory

Samus Aran サムス・アラン Samusu Aran, lead character from Nintendo's legendary  "Metroid" video game series.

Samus ranks alongside Chun Li as one of the earliest female protagonists depicted in a video game.  Orphaned at a young age, Samus was brought up by the extraterrestrial avianoid Chozo race, who trained her as a capable warrior.  Following a stint as a Galactic Federation soldier Samus devoted her career to bounty hunting. 
The 1/8th scale (Height: approx. 220cm), Max Factory sculpture is based on her portrayal in the 2010 game "Metroid: Other M." where in cut scenes she is seen sporting her "Zero Suit", a form-fitting jumpsuit which is worn beneath her Power Suit. The figure comes with gun and the baby Metroid.

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METROID Other M zero suit said...

All I'm saying is Samus is more like the serious type and gives off more like a tomboy vibe. Ultimately I don't care what she becomes since she's a fictional character but it's just dumb to have her be portrayed most of the time as a serious, down-to-business mercenary type of girl and suddenly she gets more "frisky" I guess? I just collect mine at PIJ edit(Private Import Japan). Its really awesome.

Elderly Gamer said...

Thanks for the tip and taking the time to comment, had to remove the bitly link.

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