16 Oct 2012

Ada Wong Cosplay by 0kasane0

Ada Wong Cosplay by OkasaneO

Ada Wong Cosplay by OkasaneO Resident Evil

Resident Evil Ada Wong Cosplay by OkasaneO

Ada Wong Cosplay

Cosplayer: 0kasane0
On DeviantArt
On Tumblr
Blog (Japanese)

Character: *Ada Wong (Resident Evil Game Series)

Photography: Not Known

Apparently no Zombies were injured in this photoshoot from Japanese Cosplayer OkasaneO.  Larger resolution images and more of her sublime cosplay on the links above.

*Ada Wong is a character from the Resident evil franchise by Capcom.  An American citizen of Chinese descent, Ada was introduced in 1998 as a supporting character in the game Resident Evil 2.  An enigmatic and ambigous antiheroine she has become one of the most popular characters from the series.  Admirably portrayed by Li Bingbing in the 2012 movie Resident Evil Retribution.

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