15 Apr 2007

Tifa Lockhart Wallpaper

Born in Nebelheim on May 3rd 1967, Tifa grew up next door to Cloud, at aged 15 following the destruction of her hometown by Sephiroth, Tifa moves to Midgar where she sets up 7th heaven and meets the leader of "Avalanche", which she joins to revenge the destruction of Nebelheim.

In Final Fantasy Advent Children Tifa has a big part in encouraging and convincing Cloud to fight on. Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. But don't let her face fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists.

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J said...

Tifa is my fave Final Fantasy gal. Her cleavage swayed it for me. *giggles* She was a great character. I didn't like how she came off in Avdent children though, despite her having THE best scene in the whole entire film. She seemed so weak in that film emotionally. Like there was nothing to her.

(Seeing as you're the 3D rendering whizz...) I was reading how SquareEnix shortened her hair for Advent children because they said it was difficult to render. Having Tifa's hair be it's original length and black caused lighting issues. It was pretty interesting to hear that even with Square Enix's modeling and rendering skills that their team still run into little issues.

The Elderly said...

im not expert in this J, but from what little experience i've learnt, the more complex the hair model the longer the rendering times.. when it comes time to get the computer to render the final image.. on occassion the light rendering process tends to cast hair shadows that look out out of sync with the lighting... though Daz3d is pretty basic compared to say Maya

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