4 Dec 2006

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Elfen Lied first began as a 12 part manga series, later an anime was adapted from the then-unfinished manga that first aired in Japan on July 25, 2004. A bonus OVA episode was released on April 21, 2005 to give some more information on the back-story. The title Elfen Lied is German for "Elf Song".

The story begins when a young girl named Lucy, escapes under odd circumstances from an island research-facility off the coast of Kamakura and in the process nonchalantly dismembers 23 of the staff and guards. She is found on a beach, naked and bleeding from her head, by a young boy called Kouta. Lucy's head injury has caused her to develop a split personality, "Nyū". In stark contrast to the cold and sadistic Lucy, Nyū is completely docile, harmless and is incapable at first of saying anything other than "Nyū". Not knowing what to do with her, Kouta and his friend Yuka take her back to the inn to look after her.

While Kouta, Nyū and Yuka begin settling into a new life, the researchers begin hunting for Lucy and characters on both sides find themselves in a situation much more complex than they originally anticipated.

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