2 Aug 2011

Appleseed Xiii

Not a sequel, but a retelling, Appleseed xiii is a CGI anime adaptation of Masamune Shirow's science fiction manga series Appleseed.

Composed of 13 (22minute) episodes and claiming to follow the original material more closely. Appleseed Xiii is being released as a combination of online streaming episodes, a two film remix, and optical disc sets.  The story follows the exploits of the ES.W.A.T. special forces member Deunan Knute and her combat cyborg colleague Briareos at the city of Olympus after World War V

The films:
Appleseed Xiii Yuigon - Tartoros (In Japanese theatres now)
Appleseed Xiii Yogen - Ouranos (due for release Oct 24th)

The clip above a trailer for the first film

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Official website
Masamune Shirow Wallpaper
Masamune Shirow Wallpaper 2


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