27 Jul 2007

Gunsmith Cats Manga

Gunsmith Cats is a series of manga and anime work by Kenichi Sonoda. The story centers on two young women, 18-year old Irene "Rally" Vincent and her partner, 17-year old "Minnie" May Hopkins.Rally and May operate the "Gunsmith Cats" gunshop and sideline as works as a bounty hunters.

In 2004, Sonoda created a sequel to the original nine volume manga series entitled Gunsmith Cats Burst. which was picked up by Dark Horse Comics for North American distribution, as well as re-releasing the original Gunsmith Cats in its original right-to-left Japanese orientation.

Gunsmith Cats on Wikipedia


J said...

Some pussy and a gun. What's not to love!?

The Elderly said...

..a cat? they've got a cat as well? I didn't see no cat... (takes out spectacles.....)

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