29 Sep 2012

Serah Farron Costume Wallpaper セラ・ファロン 壁紙

Serah Farron Wallpaper Final Fantasy Xiii-2 Costume
Summoner Costume
Style and Stell Costume Serah Farron Wallpaper FFxiii-2
Style and Steel
Final Fantasy Xiii 2 Wallpaper
Default Costume
Serah Farron Mass Effect Wallpaper FFxiii-2
Mass Effect N7 Costume
Princpal female character from Square Enix's Final Fantasy xiii-2. Serah is Lightning's younger sister, turned to crystal on completion of her focus but restored at the end of the first game. In xii-2, she has taken on the role of a teacher in the village of Bodhum.  During an attack on the village by monsters she is saved by Noel Kreiss. 

Together they set out to find Lightning, a journey that awakens her ability to see the future and setting her determination to change things for the better.

Several alternate outfits for Serah were released by way of downloadable content. 

Thanks to "elderly" for the fanmade wallpaper selection above.

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