28 Dec 2006

Samurai Executioner Manga

Samurai Executioner is a 10-volume manga created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima, the same team that created the popular Lone Wolf and Cub series. The series was first serialized in Japan.

The story is set in the Edo period of feudal Japan. It revolves around Yamada Asaemon, nicknamed Kubikiri Asa, a ronin who is responsible for testing new swords for the shogun. The character is based on a real-life line of sword-testers who served the Tokugawa Shogunate up to the early 19th century.


27 Dec 2006

Blood the Last Vampire Wallpaper

Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) is a Japanese anime film, which has achieved cult status. So popular was the film that an entire franchise was built up around it, which involved games, novels, and a manga. Initially only released in Japan, the manga and novel have seen a North American print in English.

The film features the story of a young girl named Saya, who armed with a Japanese sword, is sent by a mysterious "organization" to hunt down vampires that are hiding amongst the inhabitants of an American air base.

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26 Dec 2006

Motoko Kusanagi figure from Vice

Dressed in Combat Suit, standing 215mm tall, 1/7th scale pre-painted Motoko Kusanagi figure from Vice. Major Motoko Kusanagi is a character from Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell anime and manga series. A cyborg, she is employed as a squad leader with the "Public Security Section 9".

Kusanagi's appearances in manga, movies, and TV series all portray her differently. Both her physical and mental characteristics have been modified in different ways to reflect the focus of the respective stories.

Motoko Kusanagie on Wikipdedia

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Ghost in the shell Manga


24 Dec 2006

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas

............... elderly

21 Dec 2006

Last Exile Wallpaper

Last Exile is a steampunk anime series produced in 2003. The series revolves around a courier pilot, his navigator and their adventures in the floating world of Prester. In this romantic world based on stylized Victorian fashion and society, two countries, Anatole and Dysis are engaged in a long and bloody war under the supervision of a mysterious Guild.

Official Website
Wikipedia Reference
Last Exile Goodie list on PlayAsia.com


19 Dec 2006

Tainaka Sachi "Saikou no Kataomoi"

Sachi Tainaka is a Japanese singer best known for her vocals in the opening songs of the anime version of Fate/stay night. The songs are "Disillusion" and "Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni".

"Saikou no Kataomoi" is her third single.

Sachi Tainaka Official Website
Official Blog
Saiunkoku Monogatari Official Website

Single from PlayAsia.com

13 Dec 2006

Hyung-Tae Kim Fantasy Artist

Hyung-Tae Kim born February, 1978, Seoul) is a Korean artist. He has designed characters for video games such as the Magna Carta series and the later instalments of the War of Genesis series (War of Genesis: Tempest, War of Genesis III and War of Genesis III: Part 2).

He began his video games career working in the field of background music, then shifted to art and design. He has branched out into the comic book industry, serving as a guest cover artist, and has contributed to the Udon street fighter series.

Hyung-Tae Kim Tribute Website


12 Dec 2006

Magna Carta Tears of Blood Wallpaper

Magna Carta is a series of games created by the Korean computer and video game company Softmax and with character art by Hyung-tae Kim. It consists of two games, that, though having main characters with the same name, are otherwise unrelated: Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche and Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata, also known as Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.

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11 Dec 2006

Morrigan Aensland Figure from Yamato

Morrigan Aensland is a character from Capcom's Darkstalkers fighting game series.

This pre-painted model is based on the character from the 1997 game Vampire Saviour: Jedah's Damnation / Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire Also known as Vampire Savior: World of Darkness or Darkstalkers 3 (U.S. PlayStation version.

Morrigan is very vain, and lives for little more than the excitement of battle. As well as using a variety of magical attacks, Morrigan can reshape her wings into spikes and blades to attack, as well as using them to shield herself from enemy attacks. As a character she has made quite a number of media appearances, see Wikipedia for full listing

Original "Black version" Available from Yesasia.com

"Red version" from Amazon

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10 Dec 2006

Eureka Wallpaper from Eureka Seven

Eureka is a character from Anime Series Eureka Seven, a pale young girl with bluish green hair pilot of the Nirvash typeZERO. She treats Nirvash not like a mere machine, but as a living being, with consciousness and feelings. Eureka can seem distant and awkward to other people - she has trouble communicating with other humans and understanding their feelings. She tends to appear randomly next to people, startling them at times. Initially in the anime, she tends to suffer from frequent headaches.

Top image from Shinndou.com
Remainder from Madcowdisease.com
Bandai Official Website
Adult Swim Official Website


9 Dec 2006

Full Metal Panic Second Raid Tactical Ops 1

Full Metal Panic! (FMP) based on the first two of a series of science fiction novels by Shouji Gatou. One of the best-selling anime/mecha series continues....To Souske Sagara, undercover high school student and member of the mercenary group Mithril, life in Tokyo seemed the same as always. But underneath the promising exterior spin the wheels of a conspiracy that threaten to destroy the peace. Unrelated at first glance, a series of tactical assigments draws Mithril's Special Reponse Team into a tangled web, with the spider wearing a haunting face from the past! With inside help and technology to rival their own, this adversary is after the Arbalest no matter the cost. And don't forget that math test... Loaded with Extras: Bonuse Episode, Audio Commentaries and 3 Documentaries (Tour at Japanese Selfe Defense Force, Location Scouting in Hong Kong - Part 1 and Dawn of Light Novel), 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound

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Full Metal Panic complete FAQ on Animesuki
Available from Amazon.com

6 Dec 2006

D. Gray-Man Opening

Adapted from a series of manga by Katsura Hoshino, the anime (currently airing in Japan) is set in the midst of the 19th century Europe. This gothic tale revolves around Allen Walker, a member of the Black Order, exorcists seeking to thwart the plans of a nefarious ghoul called the Millenium Earl.

It is the Earl's intention to cleanse the world by removing all the humans in it. To aid him in this plan the Earl uses specially created Akuma or demons, however The Exorcists are not without power. The Black order are gifted with a compatibility to "Innocence", and intend to use this divine substance to combat the evil threat.

Video from mtrst on youtube
D Gray Man Official Website


5 Dec 2006

Ghost in the shell Playstation Game Intro

Based on the Japanese comic by Masamune Shirow and the animated film of the same name directed by Mamoru Oshii, Ghost in the Shell is a shooting game that sees you taking the role of a female cyborg special agent, Major Motoko Kusanagi. Living in futuristic Tokyo, you hop into a Fuchikoma (an intelligent spider-like tank) to take on enemy forces over 12 wildly different missions. The game was released to Western audiences in 1997 and scored a reasonable 73% on IGN's review meter. Vid from anarchy003


4 Dec 2006

Lilim Kiss Cosplay

Lilim Kiss is a shōnen manga created by Mizuki Kawashita, about a boy whose life is disrupted by a succubus who feeds on people's energy by kissing them. Lilim is a demon who feeds off the life energy of human males by kissing them (usually by entering their dreams), and after finding that Takaya's life energy is different than anyone else's, being much stronger and better tasting, decides that she will kiss only him.

cosplay from Game.mop.com
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Intron Depot 3 PVC Figure from Vice

Based on one of Masamune Shirow's illustrations from his Intron Depot books, this gorgeous Starship 19990724 policewoman dressed in a perhaps impractical S.S.A.T. police uniform, comes armed with a gun and a futuristic baton. A custom display base is included for stability.

Masamune Shirow is a pen name, based on a famous swordsmith, Masamune. He is best known for the manga Ghost in the Shell, which has since been turned into three anime movies, two anime TV series and several video games.

Masamun Shirow Fanpage

Intron Depot 3: Ballistics is a military-themed color illustration and CG artbook featuring female characters with guns

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Kotobukiya Figures